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"Explore ideas and collect information about people and use this to make a double portrait that communicates their relationship; investigate visual qualities; experiment with painting techniques to communicate their ideas and experiences; comment on differences and similarities between their own and others' work; suggest improvements to their own work"

Can a photograph tell us about relationships between different people?Woodlands Junior artwork

The Tate Gallery

Sandford Art
Activity idea with examples of paintings communicating a message.
e.g Dorothea Lange’s photographs showed the world how people were suffering during the Great Depression.
Mary Cassatt - The Bath

The Museum Network - Portraits and portraiture
Find out more about the fascinating subject of portraiture, including how portraits were created, how to strike a commanding pose, how to tell someone’s status from their dress and the formal elements that go into making someone’s likeness.

Provides information about the artist and sitter, and suggests questions for discussion about each portrait. It also includes downloadable colour copies of each portrait for use in class.

Looks at 'Pose and Expression' and 'Status and Dress' . It includes discussion points and provides links to works of art in the five collections which support each theme.

Childrens Acivities


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