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Collect visual and other information; explore how visual qualities can be organised and combined for different purposes to communicate their ideas about a chair; experiment with materials and techniques to construct a model chair; identify similarities and differences in their own and others' work; adapt and improve their own work according to its purpose

Find out about chairs on the internet by carrying out the tasks in the following WebQuest

Chair made by pupil at Woodlands Junior School
Chair made by pupil at Woodlands Junior School
Chair made by pupil at Woodlands Junior School

screenshotBedford Bytes - Take a Seat

The site contains lesson plans as well as other resources for this unit.
What is a Chair?

Chair Details
Chair Photo Gallery
Chair Artwork Gallery

What should you look for in a seat?
The Campaign for Better Seating

Exploring the Art, Craft and Design of Chairs
Wigan arts centre - Chair Exhibition and notes (Pdf)

Examples of work - miniature chairs


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