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Roamn Britain
Gran Bretagna sassone
Gran Bretagna vichinga
Norman Britain
Tudor Gran Bretagna
Gran Bretagna vittoriana
Seconda guerra mondiale
500 BC
AD 43
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What clothes did the Celts wear?


'The way they dress is astonishing: they wear brightly coloured and embroidered shirts, with trousers called bracae and cloaks fastened at the shoulder with a brooch, heavy in winter, light in summer. These cloaks are striped or checkered in design, with the separate checks close together and in various colours'
Diodoro Siculo (Uno storico romano)

The Celts loved bright dazzling colours. They dyed their woollen trousers and tops bright colours.


Clothes were made from wool and dyed with natural vegetable dyes (plants and berries) and woven by hand on a vertical loom (pictured below).


The wool cloth material made on the loom would then have been sewn together using a bone or metal needle and wool thread.

Before being woven the wool was spun using drop spindles (see below).

Drop spindle

A drop spindle was a notched stick with a weight at the bottom to help the spindle to turn when spun round. The weight is known as a spindle whorl.


The Celts also loved to wear jewellery made from bronze, gold, tin, silver, coral and enamel.


TorcTorc (neck ring)

Important people like chieftains, nobles and warriors wore a Torc (pictured right), a circular twisted metal neckband. It was made from gold, silver, electrum (gold-silver alloy), bronze and/or copper.

Bracae (trousers)

Bracae were worn underneath tunics


Tunics were mainly worn by men. They were a simple 'T' shape and worn at any length from the knee to the ankle. Men would wear a tunic with a belt, a cloak and trousers.

Vestiti Bambina

Women wore floor-length skirts or dresses made of wool or linen and wore shawls or cloaks.

Bratt (cloak)

Cloaks were made from wool and fastened by brooaches and pins.

Shoes / sandals



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