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Ancient Egyptian Timeline



Gran Bretagna
and around the World

Greek and Roman Egypt
332 BC-395 AD

  • Cleopatra VII reigned (51-30 BC)
  • Alexander the Great conquered Egypt
  • The Romans took over Egypt after Cleopatra's death (30 BC).
  • The Rosetta Stone was carved (196 BC)

Tardo Periodo
715-332 BC

3rd Intermediate Period
1075-715 BC

332 BC-395 AD

  • The Romans invaded Britain (43 AD)


  • Celtic people arrived in Britain from Europe (500 BC).
  • The Iron Age began (750 BC)

Hill fort
Maiden Castle Hill fort
built c 300 BC

Nuovo regno
1539-1075 BC

  • Pyramids were replaced by elaborate tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
  • TutankhamonTutankhamon ruled during some of this period
  • Ramesses II ruled for 67 years

2nd Intermediate Period
1630- 1520 BC

1539-1075 BC

  • The chinese developed a system of writing.
  • People started living in small villages.

Regno di Mezzo
c. 2000 - c. 1650 BC

  • Pyramid building declined and stopped.
  • Orisis became the most important god, especially for ordinary people.

1st Intermediate Period
2125-1975 BC

c. 2000 - c. 1650 BC

  • Età del Bronzo
  • In Europe, skilled workers began making weapons from Bronze.
  • Stonehenge completed

Stone Henge

Vecchio regno
c.2600 -2100 BC


  • The Spinx was built.
  • Egyptians began building pyramids
  • The Great pyramid was built.
  • Egyptians began experimenting with mummification.

c.2600 -2100 BC

  • The first cities grew up in the Indus Valley.
  • Metal working in copper began.


Early Egypt
c.3100 - c.2600 BC

  • Upper and Lower Egypt were united as one country under the first pharoah Menes
  • Earliest known hieroglyphic writing .
  • Walled towns and villages were built.

c.3100 - c.2600 BC

  • In Mesopotamia the first vehicles with wheels appeared.
  • The first stone circles (henges) were built.

Pre-dynastic Eqypt
c.5500 - c.3100 BC

  • Upper and Lower Egypt were two separate lands

c.5500 - c.3100 BC

  • The first evidence of farming.
  • Stone axes, antler combs and pottery in common use.
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