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alluvioneWhat is a flood?

A flood is water which covers land that is normally dry.

What causes Floods?

Floods are caused by extreme weather conditions.

Floods may be caused by:

  • rivers overflowing their banks after heavy rainfall
  • the sea flooding the land, as a result of heavy winds pushing the sea up against the coast
  • volcanic eruptions under the sea causing a huge wave, called a tsuanami.

When does flooding occur?

River flooding occurs when there is too much water for the ground to absorb, through infiltration, and the surface run-off overflows the normal river channel.

What is a flood plain?

A flood plain is the flat land on either side of a river that becomes flooded when a river spills from its channel.

Photos of a Flood

The photographs below show Tonbridge Sportsground at the start of the year 2003. The sportsground was submerged under more than three feet of water following 24 hours of downpours which left the area resembling a lake.

We wont be flying our kites here today or playing football.

Can you see the park bench and the bin beside it?

Any one for a picnic?
The top of this picnic table is covered.

The flood water covered the whole recreation ground
including the children's play area.

But it didn't stop the children having fun!

Tonbridge High Street Saved from Flooding

With the help of the Leigh Flood barrier and the re-inforced concrete wall built on the bank of the River Medway in Tonbridge, the town centre was protected from the rising water.


re-inforced concrete wall

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