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I romani

WW ll
Roamn Britain
Gran Bretagna sassone
Gran Bretagna vichinga
Norman Britain
Tudor Gran Bretagna
Gran Bretagna vittoriana
Seconda guerra mondiale
500 BC
AD 43
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Vestiti romani


Roman clothes

What clothes did men wear in Roman times?

Men wore a knee-length tunic (chilton), either sleeveless or short-sleeved. Roman men wore a cloak over their tunic, which was like a wide shawl that was draped over the shoulder and carefully wrapped around the body.


Important Romans dressed in a long robe called a toga.


Women clothesun romanoWhat clothes did women wear?

Women wore a longer tunic which was often ankle-length. Over this the women wore a stola which was a full length from neck to ankle, high- waisted and fastened at the shoulders with clasps.

Roman women clothes

Rich women wore long tunics made from expensive cotton or silk. They also wore lots of jewellery and make-up, strong scent and elaborate hairstyles. They had specially trained slaves to help them dress. arrange their hair and put make up on their faces.


un romanoWhat did Roman children wear?

Boys wore a tunic down to their knees and a cloak if it was cold.
Rich boy's wore a toga which had a purple border.

Girls wore a tunic with a woolen belt tied around their waists.

Children wore a special charm around their neck called a bulla. It was given to them when they were a few days old.


Drawing of a man wearing a togaun romanoWhen did men wear a toga?

Only men who were Roman citizens could wear a toga. They wore it when they wanted to look smart, like wearing a suit today. The toga was made from white wool or white Egyptian linen. It was square or rectangular in shape and was worn draped around the body. A tunic was always worn under a toga.

Colours were used for special occasions or to show peoples rank. Only the Emperor was a allowed to wear a purple toga. Purple dye was very expensive and so by wearing the colour, an Emperor would be showing off how important he was.



Statues showing clothes worn during the Roman times
Statues from the Roman times show us what the Romans wore

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Vestiti romani

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