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I romani

WW ll
Roamn Britain
Gran Bretagna sassone
Gran Bretagna vichinga
Norman Britain
Tudor Gran Bretagna
Gran Bretagna vittoriana
Seconda guerra mondiale
500 BC
AD 43
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Vita romana


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un romanoRoman Language

The Romans spoke and wrote Latin.

un romanoRoman Families

Roman families were big because sons lived with their parents even after marriage. A typical Roman family consited of father, mother, children, married sons with their family and slaves.

The father was the most important member of the family.

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un romanoRoman Schools

Most children did not go to school.

Schools were not free in Roman times, parents had to pay for their children to have a tutor or teacher. The poor Romans couldn't afford to educate their children so the boys learned a trade from their fathers and the girls learned household skills such as sewing and cooking from their mothers.

Schools were built in towns and there were not many of them, so many wealthy parents employed a slave, who was well educated, to teach their sons. The slave was called a pedagogue.

When did the children go to school?

Both boys and girls went to school from ages 6-12.
Lessons began at dawn and were finished by early afternoon.

They learnt to read and write Latin.

Did the children have exercise books?

The Romans did not have school books, instead they wrote on wax tablets using a pointed metal stylus . If they made a mistake, all they had to do was smooth the wax flat with the opposite end of the stylus.

un romanoRoman Numerals / numbers

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