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How did poor people live
in Victorian England?


Your quality of life during the Victorian times depended on whether you were rich or poor.

  • Wealthy Victorians enjoyed a good and easy life
  • Poor Victorians had a rough and hard life, often ending up in the workhouse or early death.

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Below is a table showing you some of the differences between rich and poor people:

Il povero
The Wealthy
  • had few luxuries.
  • ate food they could afford to buy
  • worked long hours
  • lived in damp, filthy conditions.
  • Many children died of disease.
  • usually well fed, clean and well clothed.
  • didn't need to work
  • lived in big houses with servants
  • went on holidays
  • children had expensive toys
  • children went to school

immagine: VictorianWhat does being poor mean?

Being poor means having little money or few possessions.

You need money to buy things such as as food and clothes. If you don't have much money you can't buy many things.

Why did many children from poor families have to work?

Most children from poor families had to work because their families needed the money.

Having a job is important so you can earn money. The more people in a family who work, the better chance of having more money. More money means more food and better living conditions.

Find out about life for rich and poor children

What happened to the very poor people?

Very poor people with no home or job lived in 'workhouses'.

Find out about workhouses


Find out about factories and houses


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