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Gran Bretagna dagli anni '1930

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Timeline of key events since WW2

Invenzioni dagli anni '1930 | Timeline from the end of the war

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1940 di
14 Aug - World War 2 ended
1946 The New Towns Act led to the creation of the first new towns.


The Town and Country Planning Act made it illegal for people to change buildings or land without permission.
1948 The National Health Service was set up.
1950 di
1950 Sainsbury's opened their first supermarket. The first time when people can buy food, beverages and other goods all in one shop.
1951 Festival della Gran Bretagna
1952 Elisabetta II becomes Queen

 1952 -

The first high-rise blocks of flats were built at Roehampton, London
1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
1954 Tesco opened its first self-service supermarket.
1955 Commercial television began
1960 di
  Building of Milton Keynes


The first full length motorway, the M1, was opened


Colour television first appeared
Tesco opened its first “superstore” in Crawley, Sussex.
1970 di


Oil is discovered in the North Sea


Satellite television was used for the first time
Britain joins the European Community


Capital Radio and other local radio stations were set up.


The Health and Safety at Work Act improved conditions at work.


The Sony Walkman Personal Stereo appeared.
Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain's first woman prime minister
1980 di
The Humber Suspension Bridge is opened


The Falklands War
The first CD players were introduced by Sony
1990 di


The Gulf War
Channel Tunnel links Britain back to the European continent
Welsh national assembly and Scottish parliament formed
2000 di
guerra del Golfo

Invenzioni dagli anni '1930 | Cronologia dalla fine della guerra

| Popolazione dal 1991 | Siti Web


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